Hugs from the Father

Hi folks, I’m Greg Hutto, and I’m the host of the radio show ‘Hugs From the Father’. I borrowed the name of this show from my good friend and mentor, Ray Lyne. ‘Hugs From the Father’ is the title of Ray’s favorite speech, about stewardship from a Biblical perspective. It changed my life when I first heard this message in 2003, and I’m confident it will change your life as well.

Greg Hutto

The Parable of the Apple Orchard

In the beginning, God created the apple tree. He said to man, “This is my tree. I’m going to teach you how to fertilize it. I’ll teach you how to prune it. I’ll send the sunshine and the rain, and together we will grow a beautiful apple tree.

God is the Owner of All

I want to talk about two concepts that are central to this subject of stewardship from a Biblical perspective. By the way, you don’t have to be a Christian to believe in or apply these teachings. I’m speaking to you from my point of view, as a believer in Jesus Christ, but if you don’t believe as I do, then that’s okay.
But if you are a believer then please take me at my word when I say these teachings will change your viewpoint of what a steward is, and what he or she does. When most people think of stewardship they think of giving. And giving is something that a steward does. But it’s much more than that.
The most fundamental truth of Biblical stewardship is understanding that God is the owner of all. He owns everything. The heavens and the earth, the fish in the sea and all the animals, you and me – it’s all his. Psalms 50:10 is the probably the most quoted verse on this subject, which says, ‘He owns the cattle on a thousand hills’. I’m paraphrasing here, of course, but it conjures up a wonderful picture in our mind, doesn’t it?

I’ve been working with Greg for the past ten years, and his expertise and philosophy has allowed me to provide Christian based guidance to my clients in a way I never thought possible.

Jim Smith

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