Halotherapy for Skin Health


The particles of dry salt that settle on skin during a Halotherapy session yield numerous benefits – therapeutic and cosmetic. Halotherapy gently and effectively boosts exfoliation, removing dull, dead skin cells and debris from the surface. This can help clear impacted follicles and prevent acne formation. It also helps normalize the skin’s pH-balance and fortify the skin’s protective barrier.

Dry salt aerosol has anti-bacterial properties, yet its gentle action does not compromise the skin’s normal microflora. It’s also anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and swelling, which make it beneficial in treating certain skin conditions, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It provides long-lasting relief from redness, irritation and rash, helping to significantly reduce discomfort associated with lesions, scales and inflammed tissue. Halotherapy contributes to post-surgery recovery, helping repair and promote healthy tissue regeneration and the prevention of scar tissue. It also helps prevent secondary infections by restoring the skin’s natural defensive properties by nourishing and revitalizing the skin’s delicate tissues.

Halotherapy boosts skin microcirculation, facilitating deeper penetration of therapeutic skin care serums, lotions and creams, and it facilitates the elimination of toxins. It works synergistically with skin care treatments and helps maximize results. Moreover, its anti-oxidant properties help fight free radicals – for a powerful anti-aging effect. The end result is skin with a natural, healthy glow.

People who suffer from respiratory conditions, especially asthma and allergies, often also have irritated, inflamed skin. This is because the skin and respiratory system are connected. Halotherapy’s action on the airways includes ridding the respiratory system of impurities and toxins, which stimulates lymphatic drainage and strengthens the immune system. Clients who arrive at your salt spa to address skin conditions are also very likely to experience an improvement in general health and wellbeing, with improved immunity and reduced hypersensitivity to the common allergens and other irritants that can trigger skin disorders.

And Halotherapy confers one other key benefit – stress reduction. Skin conditions are often exacerbated by stress, and when clients take in the benefits of Halotherapy in the unique, peaceful atmosphere of a well-designed salt room, they are likely to experience a much greater sense of calm and wellbeing.

Improving skin conditions

Dry salt aerosol benefits for skin:

  • Fortifies skin’s protective barrier
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Reduces inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-edematous effects
  • Helps normalize skin’s pH-balance
  • Promotes healthy tissue regeneration
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Facilitates deeper penetration of skin care products
  • Clears impacted follicles to prevent acne formation
  • Promotes gentle exfoliation